About Us

We are Wee Beasties Vintage Home and Gifts, made up of;

‘T’ and Sophie (mother/daughter combo).

We are aided by John (dad) with logistics and man-power (aka, lifting,

deliveries, dealing with rounded off screws and he strips like a mad

man, sanding that is).  We’re also helped by Laurie, the original

daughter, and her daughter, Ellie. They assist with more lovely

furniture and homemade goodies.  But ultimately we are ruled by

our quality controller / meet and greet executive, Mhurrin (Sophie’s

daughter), often found testing our products durability and form.

But heres what we do:

We specialise in pre-loved furniture, mostly up-cycled or restored, and some, just as it is. We professionally prepare and finish our furniture with eco-friendly handmade chalk paints and natural waxes.

We dont agree with a throw-away society and we love finding that poor, sad, ugly old bit of furniture and transform it into something splendid and desirable. Inspired by Scottish Country, French Elegance, Scandinavian and American Shaker, we thrive to create lovingly aged furniture that will suit any traditional, country and modern home. We don’t just do Shabby Chic either…retro, rustic, traditional, vintage and the odd antique…we’ll bet we have something you’ll love!

In our opinion, older furniture is often more substantial and everything we up-cycle is unique and has its own character. We don’t rid them from all their imperfections as that adds to their charm and authenticity. We simply bring it up-to-date so it has many years of life to come.

We strongly believe that good furniture does not have to be expensive, so we try to keep our prices low to offer great value, particularly when you compare prices and build quality to its modern equivalents.

Not only do we find and up-cycle our own stock, a large portion of our work is those old drawers left in the shed or that abused chair hiding in the loft. You keep it because its in the family, yet its too ugly to be seen….we fix that!

Painted it yourself?

Not quite right? We fix that too. We know the difference between what is said to be easy to do and what actually takes years to learn to do properly.  We’ve made the mistakes and put in the hard graft so you don’t have to.

You're an individual, so your possessions should be too.


Wee Beasties Vintage Home